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About Moody Collective

We are a collective of words – books and more – from authors speaking to and for the next generation. As a part of Moody Publishers, the Moody Collective team works to find new voices speaking into the Millennial generation. Browse our books section from some of our upcoming releases. Visit our “latest” page or follow us on Facebook or Twitter to keep posted on what our authors are talking about.

Why Moody Collective?

We are a collective of words for the creative, the storyteller, and the spiritual investigator. Every new book adds to a continued collection of words addressing the issues that young people face each day. We want to provide books that you – our readers – can count on as being spiritually challenging and intellectually grounded.

We are a collective of readers seeking deeper faith through words.

We are a collective of authors sharpening our skills through relationship.

Books for Young People

When D. L. Moody formed Moody Publishers in 1894 – then called the Bible Institute Colportage Association – he had a vision in mind for who his books should reach. Part of his vision was to provide cheap books for young people.

D. L. Moody declared this as a goal more than 100 years ago and we are driven to continue it today. We focus on publishing books for the next generation of leaders – Millennials that are rising into the workforce and church leadership across America and the world.

The profits of our books go back to Moody Bible Institute, the school founded by D. L. Moody, and help students graduate without loans so they can focus on ministry work immediately after graduation.

Who is on the team?

Moody Collective is one of seven teams at Moody Publishers. Our team consists of an associate publisher, Randall Payleitner, an audience development manager, Natalie Mills, as well our two additional comrades, Nathan Little and Rachel Lubow.

Our Recent Releases:

Just Do Something
For fans of: Joshua Harris, John Piper, Justin Buzzard, Sarah Cunningham

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Facing Leviathan
For fans of: Malcolm Gladwell, Jon Tyson, Andy Crouch

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The Social Church
For fans of: Kevin DeYoung, Scott McClellan, Claire Diaz-Ortiz

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