Unfriend Yourself

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Does having 500 friends online mean we’re not lonely? Are we seeking out friendships of depth or of convenience? Where is God in social media?

We are all connected. To each other, to our devices, to our networks, to everything… The world of social media has turned the rest of our worlds upside down.

Take a three day social media fast to DETOX, DECIDE, and DISCERN about the role of the internet in your life.

Can you disconnect for three days to assess the situation in your own life? This short book is split into three sections to help you DETOX, DISCERN, and DECIDE what role social media  should have in your life. Unfriend Yourself will help you think critically, biblically, and practically from a Christian perspective about the merits and ramifications of our social media culture.

Unfriend yourself for the weekend and think about it. … Read More »

Just a Minute

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How long does it take to make a difference in the life of a child?

For good or for ill, individual moments in a young person’s life can make all the difference in their future. It may be something said or done by an adult who hardly thinks about it: a hug, a compliment, an intriguing question, a sincere applause.68 Stories That Will Inspire You to Bless a Child’s Life

But in that moment, the child discovers who they are, what is important to them, why they matter, and sometimes even what their destiny will be. Most of us want to help encourage and build into this next generation, most of us see the need all around, but we just have no idea where to begin.

Now, with this book, you know where to begin and you know that it only takes Just a … Read More »

First Time Dad

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Perhaps the most powerful influence in the world is that of a dad on his child. Baseball gloves, dirty diapers, tiny little hands, first days of school, daddy-daughter dances, and learner’s permits… and so much more! There’s no way you can be ready for it all, but this is when you need to get a bit of a head start…

First Time Dad by Focus on the Family ministry veteran (and father of 6) John Fuller lets you in on the stuff you really need to know… because in just a few months or weeks or days, your life is going to change–forever. Set good priorities. Break bad habits and/or family patterns. Recognize and recover from some common fathering mistakes. Know that your words have immense power. And learn how to cultivate a lasting parent-child relationship.

So, instead of wondering “oh man, oh man, oh … Read More »

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