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It’s Not Forever. It’s Just For Now.

I’m hungry for a space to fill with people I love and furniture I chose not because it was fifty bucks at a thrift store, but because I liked... Read More »

In Your Twenties? Trust the Process

I believe it’s twentysomething’s belief in a bright, big future that is one of our most important characteristics.

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Discipleship: Re-Imagining Our Calling From Christ (A Blog Series)

If a calling from Jesus is first thought of as boring we must re-examine what it means to fulfill the calling.

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VIDEO: The In-Between

Most of us spend our lives searching and longing for something more than what’s in front of us.

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Thanks For Making Packing Light A Reality (Pre-Order today!)

It’s been almost five years since the first conversation with a friend where I was asked, “What would you do with your life if you didn’t have to worry... Read More »

I Couldn’t Let Go

I secretly hoped marriage would fix it, could erase it, would be the only thing powerful enough to make my baggage go away. What I didn’t know was that... Read More »

Are You Interruptible? (You Should Be)

The mark of kindness — of a mature, compassionate person — is this: interruptibility.

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Are You Character-Driven or Career-Driven?

You cannot build character through a career, but you can find a career by having character.

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Sin, Not Sins

If you think of yourself and what’s wrong with you simply as your “sins,” then you will mistakenly believe that the solution to your problems is willpower.

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The End of Our Exploring

“Questioning will tend to be subversive in communities where questioning is not practiced,” he writes. “When inquiry is modeled and discipled, the gap between healthy questioning and subversive questioning... Read More »

There’s More Than One Way to Get There

There’s more than one way to achieve our dreams, to date, to grow our marriages, to build successful careers, to climb mountains and to get to destinations. Read More »

Asking Questions Without Demanding Answers

When we ask questions, we bump up against the limits of our knowledge.  And sometimes, our questions take us up against the limits of anyone’s knowledge.

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101 Secrets for your Twenties and Free Stuff

Buy a print copy of 101 Secrets for your Twenties this week and get the 101 Secrets expanded ebook with bonus secrets, digital prints, stickers, and the chance to... Read More »

The End of our Exploring: The Trailer

What moves us to ask a question? Are there some questions that we should ask, and maybe, some questions that we shouldn’t?

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One Thing You Must Know to Make it Through Your Twenties

If I were looking into the past, or sitting across the table from my 20-something self, this is what I would say:

The future only moves one direction. Read More »

What You Write About Doesn’t Matter as Much as You Think

Most writers believe that what they write about is more important than how they write. And they are wrong.

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Get a Free Copy of *The End of our Exploring*

If you’re interested in receiving an advance copy of the book in exchange for said reviews, please send your name and mailing address to

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Stuff Twentysomethings Say (and what they really mean)

2. I know right?

Translation: You soooooo get me. I soooooo get you. Sooooo why can’t those idiots out there soooooo get us too? Right?

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The Question That Changed Everything for Me

We were sitting on a billboard (yes, a billboard) looking out over the Willamette River in my hometown, which used to be Portland, OR, and my friend just asked it,... Read More »

Asking God New Questions

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “To fill the hour — that is happiness,” and we’ve taken his statement to its logical end: “fill every hour and be happy.”

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