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A Few Words on *The End of Our Exploring*

Words, of course, have never sold themselves.  That is a romanticized fiction, necessary perhaps to motivate the act of writing, but impossible when actually facing the release of a... Read More »

The Cost of Comfort

Comfort and convenience — or at least our obsession with it in modern culture — will cost us something important if we aren’t careful.

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The Vocation of Writing when Words are Cheap (and other things)

Last week while out at Biola, I gave a short talk on the vocation of writing when words are cheap.

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101 Secrets for your Twenties Writing Contest

If a struggling twenty-something was sitting across from you at a coffee table, what one piece of advice would you give them? Even if you’re a twenty-something yourself, what’s... Read More »

How to Discourage Artists in the Church

Many Christian artists live between two strange worlds. Their faith in Christ seems odd to many of their friends in the artistic community—almost as odd as their calling as... Read More »

Why Discipline is Important (even when I don’t feel like it)

Discipline is delayed gratification. In these days of budding summer, I’m struggling to be disciplined.

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Trapped By School Debt

I wish I would have known school debt cannot be compartmentalized to one part of my life. Read More »

Calling & Identity: The Intimate Relationship

There is no shortcut to intimately reconnecting our identity to our vocation. It is a long and arduous process of rediscovering the truth of who we were created to... Read More »

Living an Instagram Kind of Life

Instagram boils life down to select pictures, select moments. They don’t last long but sharing them gives them long life.

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When God Doesn’t Heal

I have another story to tell. The lesser-told story, the ongoing story, the one that we wouldn’t tell in a big Christian conference because we wouldn’t know whether we... Read More »

The Crazy Culture of Complementarianism

It’s not about the specifics of complementarian viewpoints, but the kind of culture that sometimes grows up around complementarianism.

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Obscuring and Illuminating

The church that values life change will give communicative prominence to ideas, groups, opportunities, action steps, and events that are most designed to facilitate life change.

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GIVEAWAY! Tell Me A Story

In Tell Me a Story, Scott re-introduces us to a God who tells great stories, invites us into His Great Story and calls us to become great storytellers.

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American Churches and “Craft Time” Christianity

One of the ironies of my occupation as an art teacher is how much I cannot stand “craft time” at church, camp, or Vacation Bible School.

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On Why We should Love and Hate the Suburbs

There is nothing more secular than the suburbs:  they are the perfect embodiment of a world that stands halfway between creation and new Jerusalem, only with distorted views of... Read More »

What If I Did Whatever I Want?

I’m thinking of loosening the reigns of discipline, trusting myself more, and learning to live less out of obligation and more out of delight.

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Big News! Announcing 101 Secrets for your Twenties

I want to encourage you, awe you, inspire you, and have you laughing until it hurts with this new book. You DESERVE it!

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What if You And Your Anxiety Were… Friends?

Nothing has transformed my life in a more positive way than anxiety. Anxiety is the catalyst that helps us grow…

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Manliness between the Extremes

Though at opposite extremes, these men have a lot more in common than we think. They are stuck in one ideal of what it means to be a man... Read More »

Why Don’t Christians Play Nice?

Disagreement is an increasing norm in our lives, but we’re marginally equipped. It’s much easier to post disparaging remarks on Facebook, Twitter, blogs and news articles.

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