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Is There Room Enough For Both of Us?

He takes up the whole flipping bed. It didn’t occur to me that this might be a problem before we got married.

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Art & Failure: Why the Two Go Together

I love it when my students succeed, but I also love watching them fail.

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We Are Not Called to Be Relevant: An Easter Post

Very few churches will lead the American spiritual consumer this weekend.

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The Cost of Creating

What’s difficult for us to see as we clutch the finished product in our hands is the cost paid by the creator. Read More »

7 Cures for a Quarter Life Crisis

Hearing twenty-somethings talk about going through a Quarter Life Crisis can feel like such a joke, until you’re experiencing one yourself.

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Letting Go of Excuses

There are no good excuses for not bringing to life the ideas born in our hearts.

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What Did They Say Now?

Join a conversation that explores a variety of topics from a Christian-faith perspective but without all the plastic answers you might expect.

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Our First Year

Recently my husband and I celebrated our first anniversary. It surprised me how momentous it felt.

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Point of Origin

In the aftermath of a fire, one might find the pine needles of a tree pointing in a given direction, and as it turns out this is the opposite... Read More »

Transforming Your Anxiety: Anxiety and Your Story

My mom’s breast cancer had been a part of my life since I was six, and it had been aggressively been building a mountain of anxiety in my life.

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Here Come the Radicals!

Their inflated rhetoric is a sign of how divorced our churches’ vocabulary is from the simple language of Scripture.

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Your Path to Publication: What Life After Art Might Have Looked Like

Today, you’ll get to see what Life After Art could have looked like…

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Why the Term “Social Media” No Longer Works

As weird as it may sound, we’re getting a sense of who Social Media is as a person.

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Mindfulness — Presence and Curiosity in Conversation

Make a conscious effort each day to be curious in your life and in the lives of others.

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Coloring Inside the Lines

God created constraints and limitations—and called them “good” That’s the lesson we didn’t learn as third graders,

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Learning How To Doubt

Faith built upon memorized theology is consistent. It gives answers and formulas for every area of life.

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Death as a Communal Event

Death to many has a finality to everything of life, despite the acute obsessions with the after life.

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Marijuana, Coffee, and Our Medicated Age

Sloth and overwork are symptoms of the same diseased understanding of how we labor.

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The Secret to Telling a Great Story Is Living One

Every night, I would go to bed and my dad would tell me the same thing: Some day, you’ll have stories of your own to tell.

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Marriage is Lonely

When I was twenty and single, the one thing I knew for sure about marriage was that, when I got married, I wouldn’t be lonely.

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