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Six Reasons I Don’t Believe in Equality

I know, this is going to be tough to explain.  You might be already readying your pitchforks.  Hear me out.

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Self-Care: Four Areas to Foster

…in Order to be Life-Giving to Others. Self-care tends to be a confusing term for many people.

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Creative Process: Short Stories

Lost somewhere amid our fixation with the epic is the focused beauty and brilliance of short stories.

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Dear Kristen – What to Do When a Spouse Loses the Faith

When my husband and I got married, we had very similar beliefs.

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Your Path to Publication: Get Out the Red Pen

I felt embarrassed that someone had found my mistakes, so many mistakes.

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How Becoming A Good Christian Made Me A Bad Person

I’ve never been a particularly good Christian, if I’m being honest.

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How to Know You’re Headed in the Right Direction

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Beige Expectations

I was a Goonies kid. If you aren’t familiar, it means that when I was young, my bike represented my entire existence:

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How to Fail as a Christian in a Post-Christian World

Today the center of culture is out in the marketplace instead of within the walls of churches.

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The Problem with Dating Jesus

My junior year of college I felt called to date Jesus, me and my Maker going steady all summer long.

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Cardboard Leadership

It’s always easier for me to do an art project myself — but my daughter will never grow into an artist that way.

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The Value of a Secret Admirer

I haven’t celebrated Valentine’s Day in quite a long time. It’s not that I have anything against the holiday

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Virginity is Valuable

God saves us from our sin and redeems the broken pieces of our lives, but that doesn’t mean our mistakes don’t matter.

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What I Wish I Had Told My Youth Group About Purity

I’d like to make a confession.  I didn’t really do a great job with “the talk.”

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How To Hear God’s Voice?

Sitting silently and still is not easy for someone with Tourettes Syndrome.

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I Promise To Be What You Want

We like to talk about our identities as if they are fixed in space and time

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The Simplest Vocation & Career Advice I Can Give

I get a couple emails a week from students in high school or college

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The Most Important Part of the Creative Life

Everyone wants to reach creatives: that special class that until recently was made up of mostly misfits.

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So You’ve Been Asked to be a Mentor…

The number one question I get asked by people interested in becoming mentors is…

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