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10 Tips for Christian Leaders…

Who Don’t Want To Become Self Promoting Jerks Online.

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God Loves Coffee Too

I just returned from India after helping to open a coffee shop for a man doing great things for God.

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Creative Giants: Ally Vesterfelt

My whole life I’ve been accused of not listening. In high school, it was the most persistent and embarrassing.

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Frauds and Faith Healers:

Why Does God Need My Faith Anyway? Some people are big in faith healing. I envy those people.

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The Most Important Thing

The Scriptures teach that the words within it are living and active, sharpening us, and preparing us….

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What I Read In 2012

I love to read. Although, my wife says I like books more than I like to read.



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When You Don’t Have a Cabin…

But Are Still Called to Write. If you want to create, you have to fight for your passion.

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Books Change Lives

If even one life is changed, the way mine has been by the following books, I’ll consider the process to be worth the effort.

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Screwtape’s Warning about Polemics…

and Evangelical Associations. Over the past year, I sounded in various ways my growing concern about the tribalization of public life.

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Why Do We Build Our Houses on Sand?

Why do we so often seem to be stuck in our ways, knowing that we are broken, or unhealthy, or unsustainable? Why do we wait for a crisis to... Read More »

The Tyranny of Affirmation

The cheapest way to stir up good feelings for ourselves is to collect affirmation. Store up compliments…


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But If Stuff is Just Stuff…

I found myself again, crying stupid tears over stuff that I had collected over the past year, stuff that was useful to me, or that had special meaning. If... Read More »

Does the Church Need a New Brand?

While talking about the church’s brand can seem a bit too secular, I believe it is essential. The brand of the church is far more than a logo, it... Read More »

10 Most Popular Posts of 2012

This morning I decided to fire up Google Analytics to determine our most popular posts of the year. Here’s what the numbers had to say:

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Get a Mentor in 2013 [Relevant Magazine]

Exactly a year ago, I made a conscious decision to start 2012 differently… Instead of waiting around for another man to starting building into my life, like I had... Read More »

The Best Way to Overcome the Post-Christmas Blues

This is a difficult season, the week after Christmas. It’s a mini-season of limbo — an awkward in-between time — and people have different ways of dealing with it.... Read More »

Advent As A Reminder of God’s Humility

My favorite theologian, the Swiss pastor and professor, Karl Barth, says …

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If Jesus Were Born Today…

When a royal prince or princess is born, all the most important, connected, influential people get an announcement…

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Peace on Christmas Eve

How often are we more marked by our differences than by our commonalities? How often do we allow petty arguments with a friend or…


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Holiday Advice: Do You Always Need To Be Right?

Why would anyone believe we value humans (or for those of us in the faith–why would anyone believe we prize Christ as a moral example of love, willing to... Read More »

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