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Writing My First Book: Packing Light

Living your story gives it the meat you need to tell it well. You can’t skip this part.

Before I left home on my trip, I thought I knew what... Read More »

2 Ways To Respond On Social Media

Twitter has become a sort of national water cooler around which our networks gather to process the major events in our lives….

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What You Write About Doesn’t Matter…

As must as you think, at least. Most writers are concerned with the wrong thing…

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Christian – and Depressed

It’s tragic that one of the reasons people end up in my counseling office is because they didn’t feel the freedom to talk about their anxiety and depression to... Read More »

When You Don’t Have Time To Pray

Sometimes prayer is a solitary activity, one separate from all the noise and action of our lives. Sometimes we have to go away, unplug, turn off our minds and... Read More »

Art Has An Image Problem

Just as frequently that a piece of art would inspire and amaze, another would fall flat.  Cries of “I could do that!” or “That’s not real art!” would cut through my... Read More »

5 Takeaways From Seminary

Some say seminary is an out-dated model for discipleship and ministry preparation. I whole-heartedly disagree. Seminary changed my life and while I’m not sure anyone is ever fully prepared... Read More »

Let the Children Take the Pictures: The 100 cameras Story

It all started when one of Bullock’s friends had the idea to put cameras in the hands of children in Sudan. A small community rallied around the idea and... Read More »

Best Books of 2012

Here is my Best Books of 2012 list. This isn’t a list of books published in 2011. This is a list of the books I read in 2012 that... Read More »

5 Lessons from the Early Days of Blogging

Back in the early days of blogging, we didn’t have social media. Not like we do today. Stories didn’t spread as quickly, so when they did, you knew someone... Read More »

The Hierarchy of Preferences That Keep Us From Friendship

Some of us get stuck at the top of our hierarchy of preferences for years. It takes extraordinary circumstances to move us past simple hangups, like the awkwardness of... Read More »

Advice for Christian Creatives: Dealing with Criticism

If you want to create one of the great challenges you will face is criticism. The simple act of creation contains within it an implicit critique. The person who is truly... Read More »

May the Franchise Be With You [Relevant Magazine]

I’m not a fan of franchises for which money—not story—is the impetus. Where nothing creative is ventured, nothing creative is gained. The Hangover 2 is a prime example—the math worked, and... Read More »

Choosing to “Make” in a Season of “Take”

Why do the holidays bring out such a change in children? Because the holidays are, unfortunately, not the season of satisfaction, but the season of want, of unmatched desire…

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Intellectual Empathy and Overcoming Disagreement

Now that we have passed the high point in the American political cycle and quickly headed into the holiday season, it’s time to think about repairing the political fissures... Read More »

Top-of-Mind Mondays: Free Resources, Twilight, and Chris Christie

“You don’t need more time you just need to decide.” – Seth Godin

I can’t tell you how happy I am with Zirtual. Lizzy, my ZA, is absolutely knocking it out... Read More »

Protect Your Time Because Small Interruptions Have Big Consequences

One time a mentor casually asked me if I answered the phone on Tuesdays. It took me a moment to process his question but it soon registered; he was asking if... Read More »

Why Men May Be Good At Their Job, But Not In Their Relationships?

All of us have a sphere of which we operate in because we have confidence in our skills and tools in that endeavor. But to step out of that... Read More »

25 Things NOT to Say to Those Who Are Mourning

This fall semester is my last semester of seminary and it seems fitting that I’m taking a class on death and dying to close it out.

I shared with the... Read More »

The Reason Your Marketing Is Utterly Failing

There’s a reason people aren’t paying attention to your message, why they won’t give your blog or business the time of day. There’s a simple cause for why others... Read More »

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