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Stop Blogging. Start Writing.

Blogging is a medium for people to do what people do best. For some of us, that’s writing. For others, it’s design. For others, it’s complaining and being dramatic... Read More »

The Aesthetics of Prophecy

Toby J. Sumpter

You can’t get three sentences in modern theology without tripping over words like “aesthetics” and “beauty” and “Christianity and the arts.” And in many ways this is a welcome... Read More »

Design Should Matter More to Christians

C. Christopher Smith

If we are to believe the New Testament, that through Christ, God is reconciling all creation, things on earth as well as things in heaven (see, for instance, Colossians... Read More »

When an Idea Doesn’t Work

Blaine Hogan

The lack of curiosity (particularly in regard to our failures) means the death of any new work. Your life will never be any different unless you’re curious about your... Read More »

Looking Back (Honestly) at the Past Year

Jeff Goins

In case you haven’t been on Facebook lately, you may have missed that everyone and their brother is sharing a photo collage of the past year.

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The Future of Religion in a “Secular” Age

James K. A. Smith

Our so-called “secular” age is a time characterized not so much by disbelief as an explosion of a thousand different ways to believe, where even atheists want to worship.

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Christmas Is Not the End, It’s the Beginning

Tyler Braun

While following the entire liturgical church calendar has been abandoned by most evangelical churches, Christmas is one cultural season where the calendar helps us from getting lost in the... Read More »

The Language of the Soul

Michael Wright

Poetry is a form of language that resists easy digestion and forces us past scattered thinking into something deeper. It is only by slowing down our bodies and whirling minds... Read More »

Come to Me

Biola University CCCA

Rembrandt’s greatest creative triumphs are exemplified in the numerous scenes he painted from the Bible. He is often praised for his understanding and empathy for the human condition, which... Read More »

Cultural Competence Is Not a Luxury

Liz Lin

It’s easy to view cultural incompetence as merely a nuisance, as something that’s inconvenient because it means that someone will need to spend time and energy explaining things. Read More »

10 Ways to Alienate Yourself from the “Non-Creative” People on Your Team

Jonathan Malm

Instead of popular devotionals, read from illuminated manuscripts each morning. Joyce Meyer, Schmoyce Schmeyer. The only way to truly commune with God is through reading elaborate text, painstakingly drawn... Read More »

Podcast 008: Why Travel When You’re Young

Jeff Goins

Travel is not a thing to do. It’s an exercise in becoming who you are

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How patience has lost its virtue

Becky Hansmeier

As patience becomes a lost art in our everyday life, it is easy to feel that patience isn’t needed in our faith life either. This is the exact... Read More »

5 Things Creative Christians Choose to Be

Jonathan Malm

When Christians infuse creativity into their walk with God, they experience a new level of relationship with their Creator. I’ve seen creative Christians are intentional with their lives. They’ve... Read More »

Three Things That Are Probably Making Introverts Like Me Nervous About Your Church

Matt Appling

Church is a decidedly extroverted place. A bunch of extroverts usually stand up front. By and large, modern worship, church life and leadership values extrovertism over characteristics, such as contemplativeness.

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It Isn’t Arrogant to Pursue Your Dreams

Jonathan Malm

There are times you’ll get arrogant in the process of pursuing your dream. But you can’t confuse following your dream for arrogance. Following your dream is a neutral action.... Read More »

C.S. Lewis on the Theological Nature of Science Fiction

Judith Wolfe

Lewis thought that science fiction couldn’t do without a spiritual dimension: ‘No merely physical strangeness or merely spatial distance will realise that idea of otherness which is what we... Read More »

The Difference between ‘Platform’ and Pastoral Leadership

Mark Sayers

You need leaders who can differentiate between the genuine prophetic biblical voice, which calls culture back to God, and the deconstructive impulse within modernity, which wants to return to... Read More »

5 reasons I’m glad I lost my job

Joel Malm

I pray it all the time, “God give me direction and clarity.” He did. I lost my job. It was really clear. But rather than see it as God... Read More »

3 Things Great Young Leaders Forget

Jonathan Pearson

Young leaders often approach their jobs and their leadership without the boldness that they should because they’ve been told that they’re too young to hold high position in their... Read More »

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