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Preaching Without Words

“There are three kinds of Christians that outsiders to the faith respect: pilgrims, activists, and artists. The uncommitted will listen to them far sooner than to an evangelist or... Read More »

Atheism Helps My Faith

Hard questions need not shake our faith apart. Some things have been shaken, that’s for sure. But the things that have fallen away have often been shallow answers to... Read More »

3 Ways to Know Your Ambition is From God

It’s not always easy to disentangle our selfish ambitions from our God-given dreams and desires, but there are a few filters you can run your idea through to begin... Read More »

Stop Trying to Be a Storyteller; Just Be a Story Listener

Some people collect comic books or Star Wars toys. Others collect music or art. And some people collect stories.

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Marry or Burn?

Marriage itself is not enough to ensure virtue because it can’t change the heart; it simply changes the boundaries of chastity. Read More »

Love is a journey—not a free fall.

Love isn’t something we feel while dating or simply fall into after a few special moments together. Love is a reality between two people that is cultivated over years of... Read More »

The Best Thing You Can Do for Your Life And Career Is Make A Fool of Yourself

Wait for a moment when you would have, in the past, stayed on the sidelines or held back. But this time, don’t retreat. Don’t back off. Don’t give into... Read More »

The Community That Slowly Rotated

Humans have a unique ability, called change blindness, which allows us to accept gradual change without noticing.

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A Memoir Is Not a Status Update

“It is always what is under pressure in us, especially under pressure of concealment—that explodes in poetry.” We live in a time in which little is concealed, and that... Read More »

3 People We All Need In Our Lives

We need others. That statement is one we often hear. It’s a true statement, but we often don’t think about what it means. It means we need people to... Read More »

Why You Need More Art in Your Life (and 5 Ways to Get It)

In our pragmatic culture we usually see art as optional. We drill this into kids from an early age. We tell them to be practical and belittle their dreams... Read More »

Should Convictions About Friendship Be Listed Among Christians’ Essential Beliefs?

I believe the suggestion that friendship ranks among the most important beliefs of the faith is present everywhere we find faith — in our Scriptures, in our tradition, in... Read More »

Sometimes, Simple Feels Complicated

It wasn’t simplicity that was holding me back, but the way I had interpreted and internalized simplicity—my extreme adoption of it—was in some ways preventing me from growing and... Read More »

My Frustration with Sunday Morning Worship

In recent years I’ve grown weary of the kind of congregational worship I previously advocated for if a church had any desire to reach younger individuals. I’m tired of “worship” being 99%... Read More »

Why We All Need Journeys

Journeys reveal our shortcomings. They show us we are not alone in this world. That there are other wanderers out there, in searching of truth and meaning in this... Read More »

How to Get Your Dream Going

If you’ve got a dream in your heart to start doing something—start a not-for-profit organization, start a business, write a book—I think you’ll find these seven essentials helpful to... Read More »

The Typecast Church

In the story of our culture, the Church is often typecast as an antagonist. We’re the opposition; we’re in the way. For the casual non-believer, it’s not unreasonable to... Read More »

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Creative Writers According to St. Augustine

For Augustine, the worst thing you can be as a writer is loquacious. Unless, that is, you are, as he puts it, “loquacious with verbosity.” In fact, the phrase... Read More »

Opportunities Only Young Leaders Have

Life is a great teacher, but as a young person, you and I have incredible opportunities in front of us now that a future “us” will be mad we... Read More »

How Can We Become Biblically Literate?

To take Biblical literacy seriously we must learn to read like poets, who are comfortable in ambiguity. A poet reads for the images language can evoke.

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