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5 Bad Reasons to Get Married

l never forget the first engaged couple I broke up. I didn’t mean to. But as her pastor, I had to bring up some clear concerns about the path... Read More »

Why We Have To Be Intentional

Intentionality doesn’t always look like cranking through your to-do list. Tobias van Schneider is advocating for intentionally working on work and intentionally playing around with crazy ideas.

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The Lie of Overnight Success

The Secret to Overnight Success: Work with such a tenacious consistency at something you’re passionate about that you lose all interest in becoming an overnight success.

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When God Says, “Stupid”

I know God has to look at me and think, “How stupid?” quite often. You see, I don’t carve stuff out of wood and worship it, but I do…

Worry... Read More »

Why Marriage is Hard

The original word picture we have for the relationship between a man and a woman is an all-consuming, tireless-in-nature, potentially hazard-creating fire. And though this picture lends itself to... Read More »

The Art of Embodiment

I was less interested in or knowledgeable about how churches could support their artists—although there are many great resources on that point. I realized that there was another question... Read More »

Beauty in A Gas Station Bathroom

Regardless of how small it may seem or how low on the totem poll I may feel, I can do what I do with passion and with excellence.

No job... Read More »

Wait, Who Are We Again?

The church is not in itself the marketing arm for Jesus. We are not Jesus’s sales and marketing team. We are the family of God. We are the people... Read More »

In Praise of Nursery Tale Anthropomorphism

In this animal-peopled world of children’s lit, we are forced to engage a more bracing imagination that considers unfamiliar possibilities. And this is good, because we’ve got to get... Read More »

A Church For the Community

Church exists within a specific community, but rarely exists as a blessing for all within the community. Most churches are a blessing to those who call it home, but... Read More »

Intelligence and Religiosity

People of faith are not thinkers. Interestingly, the psychologists demonstrate that a strong negative correlation exists between intelligence and religiosity among American Protestants, who have developed a public... Read More »

The One Leadership Principle that Isn’t in Books

Did you know that if you want someone to choose your preferred option between two options, you can change the way your phrase your question? By changing the way... Read More »

Why I fight my wife (And 4 reasons to reconsider)

As most of us know, conflict is unavoidable and necessary to any healthy relationship. But anyone that has braved it also knows that when not done well, fighting can... Read More »

Things No One Tells You About Going on Short-Term Mission Trips

First of all, before you go and when you get there, your team must commit to getting rid of the hero complex. Developing countries do not need short-term heroes.... Read More »

Jesus’ 2 Ministry Secrets

As I read the Gospels it seems that there are two secrets to the effectiveness of Jesus’ ministry that are often overlooked or forgotten:

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6 Old Sayings That Are Still True

God don’t make no junk. I used to hear this one all the time from my parents growing up. It’s true.

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The Pain of Art

Like any artist I couldn’t fight off the thought of, “I wonder what they think of me now…” And then I wondered if it was worth it. I became... Read More »

3 Ways To Make Evangelism Not Suck

If you’re a millennial and if you’ve grown up in an evangelical church, chances are you’ve been introduced to the video series The Way of the Master (hosted by... Read More »

C. S. Lewis on Friendship – With Implications for Twitter

One thing I like about Twitter is the way it can intertwine friendships. Any time I follow someone new, I find myself startled when I don’t just start seeing... Read More »

Could Quitting Facebook Be a Mistake?

I keep meeting people who are quitting social media. “I give up,” they say. “Everybody is just competing with each other and comparing each other and it’s making me... Read More »

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