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“See You Next Sunday!”

Tyler Braun

What are your underlying principles for engaging new people at your church?

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Why We Need to Start Taking the Sabbath Seriously

Tyler Ward

God is inviting us to copy His creative process. And resting on the Sabbath is no small part of that process. In fact, it’s part of an important, often... Read More »

Becoming less busy isn’t about slowing down.

Tyler Ward

Being busy is being stuck. Being ‘busy,’ in the negative sense, is more about being stuck in the rat race than it is about the speed of our lives.

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What You Can Learn from Calvin and Hobbes about the Message and the Medium

Fred Sanders

If the subtle message of Calvin and Hobbes doesn’t fit on t-shirts, bumper stickers, and bedsheets, then it seems unlikely that the message of Christ does.

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3 Things to Know About Finding Your Calling

Jeff Goins

Most of what I do is invisible to anyone but me, and as hard as that is, I’m actually learning to be OK with it.That’s what a calling is... Read More »

The Lost Art of Being Human

Paul Angone

We need to rise above the drab of the impersonal. We need those who will call out to others in a real voice by their real name.

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Why It’s Hard to See the Obvious

Ben Arment

The obvious thing isn’t always obvious. You have to work at it. You have to fight for it. You have to strain to see it.  And the reason you... Read More »

The Myth That Service Has to Be Difficult and Miserable

Allison Vesterfelt

I wondered why I hated serving so much, but I kept going. Maybe I was selfish. Maybe I was defective. Maybe I needed an attitude check. Maybe if I... Read More »

The Invention of the Creative Person

Jim Watkins

There are many Christians adding their voices to the chorus that sings the possibilities of creativity. In the midst of our culture’s present optimism about the creative potential of... Read More »

Sex, Christians and Being in the Middle

Allison Vesterfelt

God is alive, but I think that means our words need to be alive with Him, always shifting and changing and growing as our culture changes and grows. We... Read More »

Your Calling Doesn’t Always Look Like You Think It Should

Jeff Goins

The journey of discovering my life’s work was not a process of dreaming, but remembering — of looking backward, not forward.

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God’s Presence Is Everything

Jonathan Pearson

Do I take moments throughout the day to recognize and just appreciate the presence of God in my life. It’s not that I deserve to have the Creator of... Read More »

The Gift of Giving: Why I Do Favors and Don’t Expect Anything in Return

Jeff Goins

It seems that the more you help people, the more people want to help you. It’s human nature, I suppose, to want to reciprocate. But really the best reason... Read More »

Want to Be More Creative? Stop Doing This.

Allison Vesterfelt

You can’t numb yourself to the bad stuff in life without also numbing yourself to the good stuff. It doesn’t work like that.

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Why Your Message Missed

Scott McClellan

As church communicators, I believe it’s fair to think of what we do as aiming at targets. Artists are often free to sit down at a canvas, piano, or... Read More »

The Social Church: Review

Aaron Armstrong

I suppose the inherent danger of online communities is when there is a mistaken belief they can serve as a one-for-one replacement for in-person communities. They can’t (and shouldn’t).... Read More »

7 Ways to Make College Worth Every Cent

Paul Angone

We’re experiencing an epidemic of “What now?” — 20-somethings who reach the end of their college careers without any idea who they are, what they like, and where to... Read More »

What God Wants Us To Learn From Kids

Scott McClellan

Try as we might to resist shallow, binary thinking in matters of life and faith, we all fall into the trap now and then. Personally, I developed a habit... Read More »

Leadership: Safety, Structure, and Red Tape

Mark Sayers

Structure that works is structure that protects the Gospel, protects people, and protects the mission of the Church. Structure is good stewardship.

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