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Pointing Fingers As People Walk Out the Back Door

Tyler Braun

Bill Hybels is well known for saying that “the local church is the hope of the world.” I believe this to be true, but not if we’re content pointing... Read More »

A Confidence Boost

Jonathan Malm

I’d pretty much relegated myself to someone who only has something to say to the artists within the church. I was okay with that, but I hadn’t thought my... Read More »

Grace-filled Criticism

Ann Williams

I was quickly introduced to the harsh reality of criticism and weekly critiques. I dreaded those times and often felt singled out, especially as I began to express my... Read More »

A New Way to Think About Money That Can Make Us All Rich

Allison Vesrterfelt

I realized that, most of the time, I feel like I have to own something—to hoard it and keep it for myself—in order to enjoy its beauty. It has... Read More »

When A Little Is Enough

Jonathan Pearson

Jesus doesn’t have to feel close in order to be working in and around us.

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What Hope Looks Like

Jeff Goins

I’m beginning to understand that poverty isn’t defeated with wealth; it’s overcome by hope.

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When My Church Teaches Me About Worship

Tyler Braun

When it comes to locally gathered churches, worship has everything to do with the worshiper and their heart. This doesn’t mean I won’t make an effort to go after... Read More »

7 Lessons for Creatives from the Life of J.R.R. Tolkien

Trevor McMaken

As an artist, I’ve often wondered how anyone could create a world so immersive—complete with millennia of histories and language lexicons—and still so personal and spiritual. In the face... Read More »

Get the first 3 chapters of Facing Leviathan for free

Mark Sayers

How do we lead when we are faced with the Leviathan of culture today and the Leviathan of our sin within? Australian cultural commentator and pastor Mark Sayers weaves... Read More »

Are Millennials Joining High Church Traditions?

Jake Meador

There’s a type of younger evangelical who is a conscientious, thoroughly orthodox believer who feels frustrated with the triviality and faddishness of popular evangelicalism. They long for a more... Read More »

Leaving the First World to Find the God of the Real World

Matt Appling

I want to find the God of the real world.  Not the first world god who keeps us comfy and rallies behind our silly politics and keeps a convenient distance until we need him.

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The Danger of Recognition

Tyler Braun

Growing up as a pastor’s kid there was a long line of people who would say they knew me. They heard my dad talk about me on Sundays. They... Read More »

How 20-Something Entitlement Nearly Ruined My Marriage

Allison Vesterfelt

We got married pretty quickly. Only four months passed from the day we met to the day we got married.

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The Ten Commandments of Twitter

Kevin DeYoung

Thou shall not retweet thine own awesomeness. The decree to “Let another praise you, and not thine own mouth” shall not be loosed all thy days.

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Reading Charitably

Laura Marshall

But for many people, the majority of daily word consumption comes from Facebook and Twitter rather than Plato or Paul. Text—whether it is on a physical page or a... Read More »

Top 21 Books for Twentysomethings

Paul Angone

The list below is entirely non-fiction. Some I’ve just recently been introduced to. Others have been with me for the entire decade. I often get asked what books I’d... Read More »

The One Question Every Church Should Be Asking Right Now

Justin Wise

Inevitably what happens is that a church will try social media; they might sign up for a Twitter account or put some stuff up on Facebook and give it... Read More »

500 Words a Day: The Secret to Developing a Regular Writing Habit

Jeff Goins

This is the year you become a writer. And what do writers do? They write, of course.

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Leadership: The Atomic Structure of a Leader

Joel Malm

A healthy leader is confident enough to surround himself with a variety of people who give off different charges. Some who tend more toward the negative. Some who tend... Read More »

10 Things I Gave Up to Get Out of Debt

Allison Vesterfelt

I have learned the art of yoga in my living room — using YouTube videos. There is nothing wrong with a gym membership, and I may get one again... Read More »

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