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Why We Wait

Jonathan Pearson

God makes us wait sometimes because the same is true with us.

It’s in God’s late action that we have the biggest belief reaction.

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7 Ways Christians Can Embrace Modern Art

Dr. Daniel A. Siedell

Studies have shown that at an art museum the average viewer spends only a few seconds in front of a work of art. An artist that spends weeks, months,... Read More »

The Birth of Jesus

John Walsh

Soon after Mary got home from her visit with Elizabeth, Joseph found out she was pregnant. He knew he wasn’t the father. Still, he was a righteous man and... Read More »

Rediscovering the True Spirit of Christmas

Jeff Goins

God loves the poor. He is among them. And if we are going to celebrate the birth of his Son with any sense of conscience, we must be with... Read More »

The Middle Ground Ones

Sarah Cunningham

Unwilling to pledge my allegiance to any party’s allegedly inerrant views about God, rather than trying to cast my allegiance farther, into the mysterious abyss beyond that where I... Read More »

Our Love-Hate Relationship With Christian Art


I come to you with strange news. Brace yourselves. There is a hundred times more schlock and garbage in unbelieving art than in ours. More terrible camera work. More... Read More »

5 Greatest Obstacles Facing Twentysomethings (and how we overcome)

Paul Angone

We dare not stereotype based on gender, religion, race, sexual orientation, but if you stereotype based on age you’ll have a front cover story.

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The Missing Middle: Three Expressions of Christ I’m Yearning to See In Evangelicalism

Sarah Cunningham

I am looking for a tribe that creates space for free-thinking and non-regulated, conscience-driven response to God; a community that does not have to panickedly posture against losing clout... Read More »

No Weak Men Allowed…..

Rhett Smith

We want to know that we have what it takes to measure up. We want to know that we have what it takes to “slay the giant.” Yet, there... Read More »

The Beginning of Compassion: How to Be a Better Person

Jeff Goins

Jesus called it the “narrow road.” John Bunyan depicted it as a violent struggle to enter paradise. Emily Dickinson wrote about in a poem:

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A Lighter, Simpler, More Beautiful Holiday

Allison Vesterfelt

I believe it is possible to do less, buy less, cook less, work less and even decorate less and still have a full, happy, satisfying, beautiful holiday season. But... Read More »

Looking for Beauty

Matt Appling

The thing about beauty is that it’s best left undefined when you go looking for it.

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Finding Gratitude Beyond My Circumstances

Allison Vesterfelt

I’ve not always been very good at being thankful. In fact, for many years of my life, I felt like I’d been dealt the short end of the stick... Read More »

Why Being Awesome Will Only Get You So Far In Leadership

Mark Sayers

As you have begun your leadership journey and as you have began to show talent and giftedness in areas there is a very good chance that those around you... Read More »

What to Do with Your Critics

Sarah Cunningham

I’ve learned the hard way: The cheapest way to stir up good feelings for ourselves is to collect affirmation. To let “awesome presentation” or “inspiring sermon” make us walk... Read More »

What If Love Were As Non-Negotiable as All of Our Other Non-Negotiables?

Matt Appling

There are a lot of Christians with whom I do not have a lot in common.  Many times, I cringe at another Christian’s culture: their clothing with Jesus slogans,... Read More »

Four Reasons We Have Baggage

Allison Vesterfelt

I find it interesting that, no matter how often I travel, and no matter how hard I work to keep my luggage small and compact, I still end up... Read More »

Seek Impact. Not Attention.

Tyler Braun

We’re all trying hard to get noticed. Jesus wanted to be ignored so the attention would go elsewhere.

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Better Homes and Gardens

Scott McClellan

As the Christmas season draws near, take note of the marketing messages that assail you. The implicit promises behind every product and service will play upon these lies.

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You Don’t Need to Become a Better Writer

Jeff Goins

“Good” is about what other people think. It’s about badges and accolades and pleasing the masses. Trying to be “good” gives other people permission to hold you back, to... Read More »

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