The Road Trip That Changed the World

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Is life really about the journey and not the destination?

Like the characters in a Jack Kerouac novel, we’ve dirtied the dream of white picket fences with exhaust fumes. The new dream is the open road and freedom. Yet we still desire the solace of faith. We like the concept of the sacred, but unwittingly subscribe to secularized, westernized spirituality.

We want to be a part of something meaningful, but not bound by it. We’re convinced that there is a deeper plot to this thing called life, yet watered-down, therapeutic doses of religion are all we choose to swallow. Furthermore, we are content to have our own personal story trump any larger narrative.

This is the noncommittal culture of the road: drive on freely, disregard destination.

But Jesus proved that the journey doesn’t have to be aimless. He was more than just a nomad with a half talk of gas and a pocketful of wanderlust. He had objectives, passion, purpose. Do we?

Mark Sayers, cultural commentator, writer, and speaker, weaves the story of Jack Kerouac’s On the Road through our Western culture today, exploring its impact on our lives and the Church. He addresses topics such as:

– How Worship Became Entertainment
– How Kerouac and Freud Made Some Sins Cool for Christians
– Why Abraham Was the First Countercultural Rebel
– Why It Used to Almost Be Impossible Not to Believe in God

To hear more from Mark, visit him online or find him on Twitter @SayersMark.

About the Author

Mark Sayers is a cultural commentator, writer and speaker, who is highly sought out for his unique and perceptive insights into faith and contemporary culture. Mark is the author of The Trouble with Paris and The Vertical Self. Mark is also the Senior Leader of Red Church.

Mark lives in Melbourne, Australia with his wife Trudi, daughter Grace, and twin boys Hudson and Billy. Visit Mark at or hear from him on Twitter @SayersMark.

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