The Reason for Sports: A Christian Fanifesto

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The Reason for SportsThere are books on how to worship God with our marriages, our money, and our sex lives. Books on how to “think biblically” about movies, television, and the arts. Books on how to vote Christianly and how not to vote Christianly.

But there is little thoughtful, Christ-centered writing on the subject that drives most of men’s banter with each other and consumes the bulk of their free time: sports.

Written in the vein of Rick Reilly (Sports Illustrated), Chuck Klosterman (Spin, Esquire), and David Foster Wallace (A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again), The Reason for Sports will both entertain and shed light on some of today’s most pertinent sports issues (race, drugs, hero worship, and more) all through a biblical lens.

This is not your normal sports book. Nor is it your normal Christian book. Here’s to some abnormal reading then for those seeking a different point of view.

Kenny Mayne, ESPN sports journalist

Ted Kluck helps us think about sports Christianly without the Christian clichés and worn-out sports piety. He’s an athlete and a fan whose writing implicitly reminds us why God created sports: for the joy of play.

Mark Galli, senior managing editor, Christianity Today

Most Christian books on sports are books about Christians playing sports. Not enough are books that give a Christian view on sports. This book fills the gap admirably. The writing is funny, honest, and provocative, and the subject matter is relentlessly interesting. Ted Kluck knows sports and knows how to write. We need more books like this one.

Kevin DeYoung, author of Just Do Something

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