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Go Tell It coverRead an excerptFor fans of: John Walsh, Jerry Jenkins, David Aikman

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Will you tell the world what God is doing?

Whether we do ministry in a faraway country or a neighborhood nearby, we experience the work that God is doing in lives of people around the world. Yet when we try to communicate those stories to our friends at home, we often fall flat.

How can we share what God is doing in a way that evokes the excitement that He deserves?

To experienced journalist-turned-missionaries Jim Killam and Lincoln Brunner, the answer is straightforward: We need to be reporters—gathering information responsibly and crafting stories of God’s goodness.

The next time you are challenged to answer the question: “What happened on your missions trip?” or even: “What is happening in your ministry?”…be prepared to answer well. Go Tell It will equip you to tell a compelling story that allows others to see God’s work in the world.


Praise for Go Tell It

Every once in a while a truly monumental idea comes along, something with the potential to actually change the way the church does the work of the kingdom.

Go Tell It hearkens back to a concept as elemental as the parables of Jesus: Tell a story…

Go Tell It is as accessible as the easiest how-to, but profound, profound, profound. If it doesn’t trigger a lump in your throat and propel you down the road to action, please get out of my way.

Jerry B. Jenkins, novelist & biographer, owner of Christian Writers Guild


About the Authors
Jim Killam has been a journalist for more than 30 years. For 17 years he served as faculty adviser for the Northern Star, the daily student newspaper at Northern Illinois University, where he also taught journalism classes. Currently he’s a freelance writer/editor and a part-time missionary journalist with ReachGlobal. He and his wife, Lauren, live in Illinois and have three married children and a granddaughter.

Lincoln Brunner is a missionary journalist and photographer for ReachGlobal. Previously, he served a similar role for First Love International. Before that, he worked for four years in daily newspapers and six years in the trade press. Lincoln and his wife, Ann, were married in 1995. They have three daughters and live in central Wisconsin.

More praise for Go Tell It
The best news journalism, the kind that wins Pulitzer Prizes, grips the gut, puts us on the edge of our seat, makes us put down the coffee cup. It’s storytelling too powerful to forget. We talk about it at work, on the train, over dinner. And the best journalism has always been a catalyst for change in the U.S. and around the world. This book reminds us that the stories of God’s work in the world are no less gripping.

We’ve just been telling those stories badly—or not at all. Journalists Jim Killam and Lincoln Brunner will get in your face and in your heart and get you wanting to pick up your pad, pen and camera and go get the news—the kind that makes us care, pray, give, and maybe go into all the world (or across the street.)

Michael Longinow, professor of journalism and journalism department chair, Biola University

The reports of journalism’s demise have been greatly exaggerated, and Jim Killam and Lincoln Brunner prove it! These two veteran communicators have given us a much-needed volume on applying time-tested journalistic principles in our lives and ministries. Go Tell It provides practical help to missionaries, church members, students, and anyone else who wants to create accurate and compelling accounts of what God is doing in the world. It will help you avoid the common communication blunders that can seriously undermine your credibility … and your ministry. This book will even serve as a solid refresher course for working journalists! I recommend it highly.

Stan Guthrie, Christianity Today editor at large and author, Missions in the Third Millennium

Jim Killam and Lincoln Brunner have made a significant contribution to the telling of the greatest story of all – what God is doing in our world – in this practical and helpful book. Too often mission stories are embellished or not told at all and there is a great need for truthful telling and encouraging news even when it comes from very hard contexts of ministry. Jim and Lincoln provide a great roadmap for missionaries and those who tell the story of what God is up to. I will recommend this book to all of our staff in ReachGlobal.

T.J. Addington, Senior Vice President, EFCA, Leader of ReachGlobal

Go Tell It addresses a deep felt need that has continually frustrated both missionaries and donors alike: How to reveal the inspiring work of God and the difficult and courageous works of missionary-storytellers. If you’re a seasoned missionary building a new field team or you’re beginning to raise support to join one, these insights will help you accelerate breakthrough in areas of creativity and ministry collaboration.

Christopher Lucey, Executive Director, US Center for World Mission, Pasadena, California

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