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Post-Church Christian coverRead an excerptFor fans of: Gabe Lyons, David Kinnaman, Sarah Cunningham, Drew Dyck

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You’ve heard the stats by now: the Millennial generation is leaving the church.

Walking away in disillusionment and frustration, they are looking for new communities to welcome them. As they seek to follow Jesus, they are leaving the churches they grew up in to find a new way.

What will it look like as the two largest generations today intersect in leadership of the church?

In an attempt to exemplify the story of Millennials and seek answers for the future, Paul Nyquist, President of Moody Bible Institute, has teamed up with his son, Carson Nyquist, to share an honest and thoughtful conversation on this topic. As father and son they’ve experienced this generational disconnect, both personally and in the church.

Hear their story as they converse about the experiences of the Millennials in the church and share thoughts for how to move forward.

Praise for The Post-Church Christian

Eavesdropping may not always be polite, but listening in on this conversation is something you won’t want to miss, especially if you want to understand the delicate dynamics of the generation gap between boomers and millennials. With clarity and transparency, Paul Nyquist and his son Carson navigate the whitewater of generational disconnect and provide for us a valuable seminar on understanding and reconnecting with those whose world views are dramatically different. Highly recommended!
Joe Stowell, President, Cornerstone University

The Nyquists, father and son, represent respectively the boomers and the millennials and they communicate very well with each other on matters of faith in general and the modern church in particular. Not surprisingly, they have differences which they air with grace and conviction, but they go far beyond that as they seek mutual understanding and practical ways of bridging the gaps between them. The result is a timely book, honest, insightful written from a deep desire to be genuinely helpful.
Stuart Briscoe, Author, International Speaker, and too old to be either boomer or millennial

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About the Authors
Dr. J. Paul Nyquist is a baby boomer. He is the ninth president of Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, IL. Dr. Nyquist (ThM, PhD) has served in missions, as a local pastor, and as a professor. He and his wife, Cheryl, have been married for over 30 years and are the parents of four grown children.

Carson Nyquist is a millennial. He is a pastor, photographer, and storyteller. Carson and his wife, Maggie, graduated from Moody Bible Institute, and Carson recently finished a master’s degree from Dallas Theological Seminary.

More praise for The Post-Church Christian

This book avoids simplistic responses, over-generalizations, and the blame game. Respect, integrity, and vulnerability characterize each page. I encourage ministry leaders of my generation to read this book, to take the issues raised seriously, and to continue the conversation with millennials in your ministry. I encourage millennials to read this book, to look for mentors among the boomer generation, and to join together with them for the sake of the gospel. The needs are great and the challenges severe but the resources in the church are sufficient for the task.

Glenn R. Kreider, Professor of Theological Studies, Dallas Theological Seminary

This is rare. Two different generations of Christians speaking with candor, care and passion on how to do church, live on mission, and love God. Paul and Carson have given us a gift—a picture of how the church might live united in love across the generational spectrum. Church leaders, small groups and pastors would do well to buy this book in bulk and to read it together!

Bryan Halferty, College/Young Adult Pastor, Editor of

This book is more than content! It’s certainly that, but it’s a dynamic illustration and very helpful model of how different generations should and must communicate. Sharing, being honest, listening, processing, and being teachable are reflected from cover to cover. This is adult-to-adult communication at its best between a boomer father and his millennial son, even though it reflects the older guiding the younger.

This is biblical! Without it, generational differences within families and within the church can evolve into separation and even alienation. With it, we’ll walk side-by-side, arm in arm—not always agreeing—but nevertheless reflecting Jesus Christ as we mature together. My good friends, Paul and Carson, show us how! So read, reflect, and respond!

Dr. Gene A. Getz, President, Center for Church Renewal, Pastor Emeritus, Chase Oaks Church, Plano, TX

If the church is to reclaim a credible voice in our culture, the world’s largest generations (the boomers and Millennials) will have to learn to work together. Paul and Carson Nyquist, father and son, have begun a conversation I pray will continue around your dinner table, your local coffee shop, and your pulpit for years to come. May God raise up a new generation of leaders even greater than the last.

Thom S. Rainer, President of LifeWay Christian Resources, author of The Millennials

In a world that so quickly pushes one extreme or another, The Post-Church Christian offers a balanced perspective on the gap that exists between the boomer and millennial generations. I appreciate both the language that Carson uses to embody the perspective of the Millennials, as well as the gracious yet candid response from his father, Paul. To have an ‘insider’s view’ on their conversation is extremely helpful—whether for the Millennial, giving voice to the experience of their faith journey, or the Boomer, understanding the serious implications of future leadership and what it takes to engage the next generation. This book is necessary for anyone serious about building a bridge between the two generations.

Ben Stewart, Director of Envision: Raising Up the Next Generation for Kingdom Change

In a culture where people of faith often seem all too eager to draw battle lines, The Post-Church Christian exchanges the typical shouting match for a refreshingly honest, candid, fireside chat. Not one ounce of dialogue or theological viewpoint is sacrificed, yet Paul and Carson are able to navigate complicated cultural paradigm-shifts while propelling readers closer TO Jesus rather than pushing them further away. It’s high time we move this conversation forward, and The Post-Church Christian is a fantastic way to kick things off.

Matt Chambers, Co-founder and Director of SafeWorld

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